The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you become the person that actually can achieve it. Write down and update these goals often and I promise you will wake up one day and realize that you accomplished your goals. To paraphrase Malala, one child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world; there are no limits to what we can achieve.

We often overestimate what we can accomplish in a year but we significantly underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade. Please write down your short and long term goals and watch your career take off! Enjoy the journey : )

A major reason for baseball icon Derek Jeter’s success in every aspect of his life was because his parents made him write down his goals every single year. You need to write down your goals and update them often. If you do, the chances of you achieving your dreams rises materially; most of your competitors won’t bother doing this!

In 1953 there was a famous study conducted at Yale University. The graduating class was asked if they had written down their goals. Only 3% had done so. Then 20 years later, a poll was taken and the graduating students from the class of 1953 were asked what their net worth was. The net worth of the 3% that had written down their goals was greater than the other 97% combined! 

Write down your goals in your smart phone’s calendar and have this calendar entry be repeated daily. Tell your friends or family members what your long term goals are so that it forces you to work towards them and think of your goals often. Consider writing your goals down on paper and then placing them in a sealed and stamped envelope with your address on the envelope. Then give the envelope to a good friend or family member and tell them to mail the letter in 6 months or 1 year.  

Think of the most ambitious goal you can achieve in your life. Don’t ask yourself if it is achievable; of course it is. Rather, ask yourself what you need to accomplish in order to make this goal a reality. Make a rudimentary gap analysis. Once you know what your goal is then focus on filling the gap, meaning what you need to accomplish in order to make this goal a reality.

When you first think of an incredibly ambitious goal, you are so fired up and excited to start the journey. Before you start the journey you can clearly see the top of the mountain, which is a metaphor for your goal.

Once you embark upon your journey you are full of energy and excitement as with each step you get closer and closer to your goal. Then much later in the journey you become frustrated as you can no longer see the top of the mountain. As a result, your pace deviates a bit and is perhaps slower than it once was.

You wonder what happened to my goal? Why can’t I see the top of the mountain anymore? Well the reason is simple; the reason is that you are half way up the mountain and can't see the top of the mountain. Rest assured, you are getting closer to the top of the mountain and your goal is within reach! Finish what you started, be long term greedy and reap the rewards.

The best way to achieve your goals and dreams is to simply write down your goals right now and enjoy the journey while achieving them; enjoy life on your terms! Welcome to the new you : )

Whether or not you think you can achieve something, you are right!