The Best Way to Get a Raise or a Promotion

As counterintuitive as this might sound, you need to ask to get promoted. You also need to ask to get a raise. Most successful businesspeople that get promoted often and rise to the top asked to get to that level. Rising through the ranks is not just a reflection of how well you are performing in business. It’s very true.

In fact, if you want anything in business or in life, you need to ask for it. Apple would have never existed without a young Steve Jobs asking:

You will get passed over for a promotion or a raise if you don’t ask for it. You need to ask for everything you want in business. Nobody is going to give you what you want unless you ask for it.

Your supervisor should be cool with this as she or he knows that you are trying to provide for your family. They have been in that position before too! In fact, they probably got promoted to their level because they asked.

If you feel very uncomfortable with this (you shouldn’t), then phrase the question like this “I love working here and I love the team too. Can you please let me know what I need to accomplish or what gap I need to fill or what value I need to add in order to get promoted or a raise?” Then once you achieve the goals or benchmarks that your supervisor gives you in response to your question, then remind him or her of your accomplishment after you achieve them and you will get the raise or promotion that you deserve. Ask and you shall receive!