I am following my passion, which is education/tech/charity as I really think that all problems in the world can be solved using education and technology. As such, I launched Haroun Education Ventures to help students “dream bigger with a passion to learn, earn and return with no limits.”

Chris teaches full-time on Udemy.com through his subsidiary education company called Complete Business Education (C.B.E.); he is the author of the #1 best selling business course on Udemy.com called "An Entire MBA in 1 Course©," which has been purchased by more than 125,000 students in 11 languages in 196 countries. He is also the author of 29 additional courses on Udemy.com. According to Business Insider  "Haroun is one of the highest rated professors on Udemy, so you can expect to be in good hands through the course of your education." Chris is also the author of the book "101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You in Business School," which Business Insider wrote is "the most popular book of 2016 according to Business Insider readers." In 2015 Forbes called this book "1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs must read right now."

Chris is also the founder and CEO of Haroun Education Ventures, which has 3 areas of focus: 1: Edtech Venture Capital, 2: Education Charities and 3: Education Online Business & Self Development Courses. In addition, he is an award winning business school professor, MBA graduate from Columbia University and former Goldman Sachs employee. He has raised/managed over $1bn in his career. 

Chris is passionate about educational charities and he is on the board of directors of several tech companies and The Lemo Foundation, which offers scholarships and mentoring to East Palo Alto students where the high school graduation rate is only 40%. He is also on the board of Providing Opportunities for Women (P.O.W.) which was founded by a few of his business school students. He also has work experience at hedge fund giant Citadel, consulting firm Accenture & several firms that he has started, including an investment firm that had a venture capital investment in Facebook several years before the Facebook IPO. 


Chris Haroun
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Christine Murad-Haroun
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Gus Hunt
Former CTO of the CIA.

Jawad Nabulsi
Started the Arab spring and is the quintessential human rights activist.

Franklin Urteaga
Worked in the White House where he started the successful ‘computers for all in underprivileged schools’ initiative.

Brenda Ibanescu
Founder of Providing Opportunities for Women.


David Taufoou
Co-founder of LEMOfoundation.org.

Ali Tyson-Taufoou
Co-founder of LEMOfoundation.org.

Allison Magner
Co-founder of LEMOfoundation.org.

Lilika Teu
Playmaker at


Manoj Govindan
A senior executive at Wells Fargo who shares our passion for education.

Sharon Kedar
CFO of Sands Capital and best-selling author and mentor to many.

Pictured (from L to R): Christine Murad-Haroun (COO), Mehran Nabulsi, Jawad Nabulsi (partner), Congressman Mike Honda, Chris Haroun (partner), Nicole Nabulsi.

Pictured (from L to R): Christine Murad-Haroun (COO), Mehran Nabulsi, Jawad Nabulsi (partner), Congressman Mike Honda, Chris Haroun (partner), Nicole Nabulsi.


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