Chris is passionate about supporting education based charities as he thinks that all problems can be solved with education.

Chris is on the Board of Directors of Providing Opportunity for Women, which is a student organization that started at San Francisco State University by Chris Haroun's students that aims to promote women in business and leadership roles. Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower women to reach their full professional potential through networking, mentorship, and guidance in collaboration with peers and influential women in business. We are in the process of expanding to many other universities. 

Chris Haroun is also on the Board of Directors and is he Chief Academic Officer at The LEMO Foundation. The LEMO Foundation's goal is to increase the East Palo Alto high school graduation rate from 40% currently to 100% through mentorship and scholarships to those that need it the most. The mission of the LEMO Foundation is “do not expect to accomplish your dreams if you are not willing to help others accomplish theirs.” We have provided 100 percent scholarships to more than 80 students and our mission is to open a LEMO Foundation in every city in the world. 

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